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PC3086 DIP switches

The PC3086 has four DIP switches accessible from the back of the case, but only numbers 1 and 2 are used. They control the behaviour of the onboard Paradise graphics chipset.

Switch 1: Monitor type

If this switch is turned on, the graphics modes will be adjusted to give a clearer picture on a multisync monitor. If it is turned off, a fixed- frequency VGA monitor will be assumed.

Switch 2: PS/2 or AT mode

If the switch is on, the video card will automatically switch between colour and monochrome modes depending on what the current program requires. If it is off, then monochrome/colour switching must be done manually with the DISPLAY command.

This switch must be turned off if you fit an MDA or Hercules card for a dual-head system.

John Elliott 1 November 2003