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PPC512/640 DIP switches

The PPC series computers have 6 DIP switches, but only 5 are used. With the PPC open and flat, the switches are down for on, up for off.

SW1: Internal/External display

This switch should be turned off to use an external monitor, on for the built-in LCD.

SW2: Video hardware emulation

If this switch is on the built-in video adaptor emulates a CGA. If it is off, MDA.

SW3: Disable internal video adaptor

Turn this switch off to disable the built-in video adaptor and use an add-on display card. This would require a third-party docking bay, since a standard PPC has nowhere to plug the card in.

SW4,5: Initial Video Mode

SW4 SW5 Video mode
Off Off Add-on EGA or VGA
Off On Built-in CGA, 40 columns
On Off Built-in CGA, 80 columns
On On Built-in MDA, 80 columns

John Elliott 8 June 2003