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Downloadable Software

This page only contains software to which I own the copyright. If you are looking for boot floppies, try Cliff Lawson's file repository.


1512GFX contains C source for accessing the PC1512's 640x200x16 graphics mode, and a simple BMP viewer.

[ZIP] 1512GFX.ZIP (26k)


CGAEX and MDAEX are tools that can be used to test various aspects of the behaviour of a CGA / MDA display, or an emulation thereof. CGAEX supports the PC1512 640x200x16 graphics mode.

[ZIP] CGAEX.ZIP (68k) - CGAEX and MDAEX programs and documentation

[ZIP] CGAEXSRC.ZIP (110k) - source code (requires Pacific C and GNU Make)

Spectrum Fonts for the PC200, PC500, PC20, PC1512 and PPC

[ZIP] Sinclair font (33k) for the PC200 / PC500 / PC20 / PC1512 / PPC computers. Since the font on these computers is in ROM, you'll need an EPROM burner (and on the PC1512, maybe a soldering iron) to install this package.

John Elliott 11 April 2008