Year 2000 programs

Patches for third-party programs are not present on this page, but you may like to try HalBower's site or Gaby Chaudry's site.

The following programs are fixes for known Year 2000 problems under CP/M.

These CP/M Plus utilities cannot use dates on or after 1 January 2000. Fixed versions can be downloaded from the CP/M source archivein the Digital Research Binaries section; these fixed versions also allow the date format to be switched between UK, US and Year-Month-Day.

An alternative to DATE is Stephen Younger's TIME, which has been designed for minimal keyboard input.

DATE / TIME (for CP/M 2 replacement BDOSes)
DATE501.COM, based on the date utility in P2DOS, can be used as a 2000 compliant replacement for the provided date programs in Z80DOS and DOS+. Source is available as DATE501.MAC.
TIME (for SCA Mk2 interface)
The SCA Mk2 interface is a serial interface for PCW computers, which incorporates a real-time clock. The utility supplied to read it (TIME.COM) will not set the date correctly after 1 January 2000. TIME2000.COM is a fixed version; the source is available as TIME.MAC.
DATTIM (sets the date for SuperCalc 2)
DATTIM does not accept dates after 2000. On CP/M 3, DOS+ and Z80DOS systems you can use SCTIME.COM; this sets the SuperCalc date from the system date, so you will need a 2000-compliant DATE.COM, as above. On P2DOS, NovaDOS and SuprBDOS, use SCTIMEP2.COM.

The SuperCalc date uses a 2-digit year, so SuperCalc's TODAY function will not behave properly with dates after 2000. Patches to correct this can be downloaded from