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Source for various GEM Desktops

Desktops 3.0 and 1.2 were last updated on 4 August 2005, to fix the 'Sound Effects?' preference. The FreeGEM desktop 3.2.3 was last updated on 26 August 2005, to add the ability to associate the built-in file viewer with various file types.


Download Desktop v3.0 (156k)

This is the stock GEM 3.0 desktop, rewritten to compile with Pacific C. Both small and large memory models are supported; source is included.


Download Desktop v1.2 (169k)

This is an attempt to reconstruct the source code of Desktop v1.2 from the 3.0 source above, using a disassembly of v1.2 to provide the missing bits. The reconstructed source is included.


FreeGEM Desktop v3.2.3 (235k)

FreeGEM Desktop v3.2.4 (329k)

Desktop v3.2 was constructed by merging the features of the above two Desktops, and adding the ViewMAX look and feel. Source code is included. Version 3.2.3 is the current stable version; Version 3.2.4 is the latest experimental version.

Screenshot of Desktop 3.2 under GEM 3.0

Screenshot of Desktop 3.2 under FreeGEM

John Elliott 2005-08-26