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GEM Setup and Distributions

This page contains source for the latest FreeGEM setup program, and two example distributions built from it. The main change from the Digital Research version is that GEM can be installed from a hard drive directory rather than multiple floppy disks.

The setup program is new and untested code. It's always a good idea to have backups to hand before unleashing it on your computer.


Digital Research GEM 3.10 (891k)

This is based on the Digital Research "3-disk" distribution (which can be found in various places as DESK310.ZIP), just with the new setup program instead of the Digital Research original.

FreeGEM 20130515 (1008k)

This is based on the Digital Research distribution above, but substitutes FreeGEM components for the DRI ones wherever possible.

To install either distribution, unpack it to a directory and run GEMSETUP.EXE.


Source for GEMSETUP (88k)

The Pacific C source for the setup program.

John Elliott 2015-05-15