How to disassemble JSW

  1. Install IDA - download IDAFW.ZIP from, or search for it using Google.
  2. Download JSW.IDC and put it in the directory where you installed IDA. JSW.IDC was designed to work with IDA 3.7 freeware and may not work with other versions.
  3. Copy a snapshot of JSW, such as JSW.SNA, to the same directory.
  4. Start IDA: IDA -x -c -pZ80 jsw.sna
  5. When asked for the load address, leave the segment as 0x1000 and enter 0x3FE5 for the offset. Then select OK.
  6. From the "File" menu, choose "IDC file..." and then enter JSW.IDC.
  7. You will now have an IDA database containing JSW. You can either produce an ASM file, or simply use IDA to navigate within JSW.

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