Changes made to the JSW engine by the Softricks editor

The Softricks JSW Editor Mark II produces a JSW game with a slightly different engine from the normal JSW one. These are the changes:

Address Comments
86B0h Call to copy protection code is replaced by a jump to the start of the game.
8800h The object table moves from A400h to FE00h.
88F3h The length of the scrolling message is increased so it includes the following "Objects collected" message as well. This is part of the attract mode.
88F9h After the message has finished scrolling, jump to the attract mode rather than restart the title screen.
892Eh The instruction RES 7,L has been replaced with two NOPs. This causes the guardian table to be treated as 8 pages rather than 4, doubling the number of guardians in the game.
8AC2h Automatic pausing is disabled.
8C01h - 8C28h New "death" routine that draws the title screen
8F1Ah The object table is now at 0FE00h; the object count is at 83FFh.
95B3h The page for the toilet sprite is now 9Fh, not A6h.
96F4h - 979Ah Unused JSW code is replaced by what appear to be random data.
979Bh - 97E8h The code to provide attract mode.

The major change, then, is that the guardian table doubles in length. The data that were in the range A400h-A7FFh (the object tables and a couple of sprite pages) have been relocated.