GRABFONT is a program to extract the current display font(s) from a DOS system, and save them in PSF1 format. On an EGA/VGA, these will be the current display fonts (either the ROM font, or the currently loaded codepage file if DISPLAY.SYS is loaded). On a CGA, the font extracted will be a combination of the ROM BIOS font (for the first 128 characters) and the font provided by GRAFTABL (for the second 128).

To use GRABFONT, just run it. You can supply a font name if you want; otherwise the filename "FONT" will be used. The height of the font (in pixels) and ".psf" will be appended to it.

The text-mode fonts for a CGA, MDA, Hercules or 3270 PC cannot be downloaded by GRABFONT. See RIPFONT for a possible (if tedious) solution.


[C source]GRABFONT.C (2k) is the C source for GRABFONT.

[Binary]GRABFONT.EXE (8k) is the compiled program.

John Elliott 2003-12-29