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Spectrum-related software for Windows

Spectrum font

This is a bitmap font (not Truetype). It should work on any version of Windows from 2.0 on - though I'm not promising anything.

[Font] Download the font (5k)

To install, extract ZX8.FON from the zipfile and copy it to your Windows Fonts folder.

This is the last time I design a Windows raster font. The process is _so_ ill-documented. The only documentation that might be of some use has been hidden away in the MS Knowledge base and on the MSDN archive CD; you have to guess - once for each bit of the documentation - the right combination of keywords to find it.

If you use the font conversion tools included with WINE, this font can be converted into an X Window font for Unix computers.

Gooey Blob screensaver

This screensaver comes in two versions - 16-bit (works on Windows 3.1+) and 32-bit (works on Windows 95+).

[Binary] 32-bit version (52k)

[Binary] 16-bit version (32k)

[Binary] MFC source (23k) for both screensavers. You don't need this to use them.


John Elliott 2004-12-14