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ZXZVM is an interpreter that runs Infocom's adventure games, and Z-code games produced with Inform.

Supported platforms are:


Supported features include:

Unsupported features include:


[Binary] ZXZVM programs (116k) for all systems.

[Binary] ZXZVM source code (181k) for all systems. You don't need this to use ZXZVM, but you do if you want to port ZXZVM to another system, and if you distribute a modified ZXZVM you must distribute source for your changes.


ZXZVM has been ported to a few other systems:


ZXZVM on a Spectrum +3, in 64-column mode, playing Beyond Zork.

ZXZVM on a Spectrum +3, in 32-column mode, playing Zork 1.

ZXZVM on a PCW10, playing Curses.

ZXZVM on a PcW16, playing Spider and Web.

Technical information


John Elliott 2021-10-19