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PC1512 v2 differences

The design of the PC1512 changed gradually over the course of its life. Mostly this involved fairly minor changes such as the addition of ventilation slots in the 'sunroof' at the back, or the use of slightly different floppy drives. However, the differences between the original PC1512 and Version 2 are a little more substantial:

On the left, original PC1512. On the right, version 2 PC1512.

The above features are also seen on PC1640 cases. Probably Amstrad simply decided to consolidate the two designs of case.

The pictures on the web of Sinclair PC500s show the extra ventilation slots, so (bearing in mind the date of the PC500) it is likely that they were all based on the v2 PC1512. Then again, all the pictures on the web of the PC500 are of the same computer.

John Elliott 26 June 2019