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This Technical Reference Manual is intended primarily to assist writers of software for the Amstrad PPC, although in conjunction with the PPC Service Manual it will be of interest to designers of add-on hardware.

It is assumed that the reader has a working knowledge of the Industry Standard architecture comprising of an 8086 (or 8088) with DMA, PIT, RTC and Interrupt Controller support chips; plus Colour Graphics Adapter (or Monochrome Graphics Adapter) with Floppy Disk, Serial and Parallel Adapters.

The information contained herein is largely unique to this document, with the exception of parts of the appendices which expand on the information contained in the PPC User Instructions and the Microsoft MSDOS Reference Manual.

Whilst the PPC implements a superset of the Industry Standard, this manual makes no attempt to identify those areas of the PPC specification which exceed the Industry Standard. Users should, therefore, exercise caution when writing software for a range of manufacturers' PCs and only use the "Lowest Common Denominator" facilities if simple portability is required.

Please note, that communications regulations do not allow the release of technical information relating to the circuitry or construction of the PC2000 modem.

© Copyright 1988 Amstrad Consumer Electronics Plc

Neither the whole nor any part of the information contained herein, nor the product described in this manual may be adapted or reproduced in any form except with the prior approval of Amstrad Consumer Electronics Plc ('Amstrad').

All information of a technical nature and particulars of the product are given by Amstrad in good faith. However, it is acknowledged that there may be errors or omissions in this manual.

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All maintenance and service on the product must be carried out by Amstrad authorised dealers. Amstrad cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by service or maintenance by unauthorised personnel. This manual is intended to assist the reader in the use of the product, and therefore Amstrad shall not be liable for any damage or loss whatsoever arising from the use of any information or particulars in, or any error or omission in, this manual or any incorrect use of the product.

Written by Bill Weidenauer and edited by Susan Vass, Amstrad plc.

Published by Amstrad.

First Published 1987.

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