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Last updated: 7 September 2022

If you are using an Amstrad PCW, you may be interested in my PCW page. If you've come here looking for PCW boot discs, you won't find them here; you need to go to LocoScript Software.

What is CP/M?

It's an operating system for 8-bit computers. It looks rather like DOS to use (only not so user-friendly); this is hardly surprising because DOS was copied from CP/M in about 1980.

CP/M comes/came in three main versions; 1.4, 2.2 and 3.1. v2.2 was the basis of MSDOS, while v3.1 evolved into DRDOS and OpenDOS / DR-DOS.

There were also 8086 and 68000 versions of CP/M. CP/M-86 evolved into DOS Plus, Concurrent DOS and REAL/32.



Technical information

I hope to construct a HTML archive of all possible information about the various versions of CP/M. Some of the documents are my own; others are HTMLized versions of those at Oakland. So far, I have:


16-bit CP/M versions

Some file formats:

CP/M related links

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