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ViewMAX/2 screenshots

ViewMAX/2 is the file manager for DRDOS 6. The version of GEM it runs on has changed in several ways from ViewMAX/1; for example, settings are stored in an INI file and don't have to be passed as command-line parameters, and functions which aren't needed to support the desktop have been stripped out.

[ViewMAX/2 about box]
The ViewMAX/2 "about" box, which is also displayed as a splash screen (though without its "OK" button).

[ViewMAX/2 desktop]
The desktop at first glance looks similar to earlier desktops - the two Apple-inspired fixed windows are still there, and so are the monochrome icons. However, the window controls now have a 3D-look.

[ViewMAX/2 tree view]
The tree view is now done with two windows (a new feature allows windows to be paired) so that the tree and the folder view can remain on screen at the same time. The folders are also collapsible, using the [-] signs.

Memory requirements tend to rule out the tree view on today's drives, but at least it doesn't crash when running out of memory.

[ViewMAX/2 preferences screen]
Dialog boxes now have a semi-3D look, with window borders and buttons being 3D, but the text being 2D. Personally, I rather like this look, especially compared to what Windows 3.0 looked like at the time.

All 3D objects have rounded corners. However, the four dots at the corners are always white, even when the object is on a non-white background.

The checkboxes and radio buttons are drawn by the desktop program rather than by GEM itself.

[ViewMAX/2 colour scheme chooser]
The colours used are mostly user-selectable; ViewMAX comes with six predefined schemes. No way is provided of creating your own scheme; you have to edit the ViewMAX.INI file (as described in Appnote 800075) or download VMCOLOUR.

Colour schemes are also managed by the desktop; if you force ViewMAX to start a different GEM program, you get a grey colour scheme.

[ViewMAX/2 controls TaskMax]
ViewMAX/2 can take control of the DRDOS task switcher TaskMAX; if this is the case, then it will launch each program as a separate TaskMAX task.

[ViewMAX/2 Find File]
The Find File screen (new in ViewMAX/2) suffers from the same problem as the tree view - it can run out of memory.

John Elliott