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This is a slightly modified version of Jim Hudgens's GDE (GPLed DOS Emulator?) which I stumbled across by chance. I've made some small modifications so that it compiles on Linux, fixed some bugs in the CPU emulation, and added the CALL 0x05 and CALL 0x50 entry points.

Unlike most other DOS emulators, GDE does not attempt to run a real copy of DOS (MSDOS, DRDOS, FreeDOS etc). Instead, it implements system calls in native code, like ZXCC does for CP/M-80.

Why am I bothering with GDE, when there are so many better solutions for running DOS programs under UNIX? The main reason for my interest in GDE is to use its GPLed 8086 CPU emulator - the only one I've been able to find - in other projects. Getting GDE itself to compile and run was more of a rat dance.

Download GDE

[TAR] gde-0.09.tar.gz

This version is called gde-0.09 (the version I started from described itself variously as 0.03 and 0.06).

New in this version

Various compatibility fixes in the DOS emulation layer:


The original GDE

PC emulators that may actually work

John Elliott 2011-06-23