CP/M-86 software for the IBM PC

Programs for any version

A port to CP/M-86 of the MML utility to display disk drive statistics. Will run on CP/M-86 1.x, CCP/M-86 3.x or 4.x, CP/M-86 Plus, Personal CP/M and DOS Plus.
LOADPSF: Load a font in the PSF1 format. Source is included.

Programs for DOS Plus

Reassemble and alter the DOS Plus XIOS. The current version (je5) has support for 720k/1440k floppy discs and experimental support for hard drives larger than 32Mb (probably up to 512Mb).
Disassembled source for the DOS Plus disc formatter (DISK.CMD). Can be used to build a version (v2.0-je5) which can format in 720k and 1.4Mb formats (requires the -je5 XIOS for the 1.4Mb format).
A TSR which corrects a bug in the DOS Plus LOADER. This can be used to make PKZIP/PKUNZIP, and programs compiled with Pacific C, run on DOS Plus. DOSPLUS v1.2-je5 has EXEFIX built-in, so a separate download is not required.
Modify .EXE files to work around the DOS Plus loader bug mentioned above. This may come in useful if you want to distribute programs you have written in Pacific C and have them work on unpatched versions of DOS Plus.
Turns Pacific C into a cross-compiler that can generate CP/M-86 .CMD files (note that most of the C library is missing).
A patched version of the Apricot F1e version of DR Logo, which will run on a PC with VGA rather than an Apricot. This version of the patch is feature complete. Also available: DOS-hosted viewers for the PC0 and PC1 image files saved by VGALOGO.
[ZIP] 5271LOGO v0.9
As VGALOGO above, but for the IBM 3270 PC.

John Elliott 05-06-2005