GSX-86 software for the IBM PC

This page contains GSX conversions of my FreeGEM drivers. They have been minimally tested under GSX 1.3 for DOS, but should work under GSX for CP/M-86 as well.

[ZIP] FGSXB1.ZIP (550k)
24 GSX-86 drivers, ranging from 640×200 mono to 1024×768×256 colour
[ZIP] FGSXS.ZIP (550k)
Source code for the above drivers.
[ZIP] GIOS11.ZIP (116k)
Source code for the original GSX 1.1 drivers, plus simple extensions to support VGA/VESA resolutions up to 800×600. These are more limited than the FreeGEM-based drivers above, but may well have better compatibility with GSX-86 programs.

Source for the GSX-86 GDOS (GRAPHICS.CMD / GSX.EXE)

These source files are based on the Digital Research source release of GDOS 1.3.

[ZIP] GDOS1.1.ZIP (21k)
The original 1.1 release of GDOS for CP/M-86.
[ZIP] GDOS1.2.ZIP (23k)
GDOS 1.2 for CP/M-86, MP/M-86, Concurrent CP/M-86.
[ZIP] GDOS1.3.ZIP (42k)
GDOS 1.3 for CP/M-86, MP/M-86, Concurrent CP/M-86, CP/M-86 Plus and DOS.

John Elliott 13-6-2016