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Codepage-related software


CPPREP is a program that loads codepages into memory in the same way that MODE CON CODEPAGE PREPARE=((nnn) filename.CPI does. However, it supports a wider range of font formats, including DRDOS CPI, Windows NT CPI, FreeDOS CPX, PSF1, PSF2 and raw font dumps. It can also convert fonts in these formats to bog-standard CPI files.

CPPREP is open source under the GNU GPL.

CPPREP.ZIP contains the program.

CPPREP_S.ZIP contains the source code - it compiles with Turbo C 2.01.


GSANS is a codepage file suitable for use with CPPREP. It comes in four sizes: 6×6, 8×8, 8×14 and 8×16. Various DOS codepages (437, 850 etc.) and ISO-8859 codepages (819, 28591 etc.) are supported. The character shapes are based on those in the GEM CGA and EGA video drivers.


GSANSCPI.ZIP contains the codepage data.

GSANSCPI_S.ZIP contains the source code used to generate the codepage.

TSANS has the same character range as GSANS but vertical lines are only one pixel wide, not two. It was originally generated automatically from GSANS, and then tidied up by hand.


TSANSCPI.ZIP contains the codepage data.

TSANSCPI_S.ZIP contains the source code used to generate the codepage.

PCW is based on the Amstrad PCW 8×8 system font. The 8×14 and 8×16 sizes were generated mechanically from the 8×8 font with no manual cleanup.


PCWCPI.ZIP contains the codepage data.

PCWCPI_S.ZIP contains the script files used to build the font.

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