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GEM/3 was the last "consumer" release of a full GEM. It looks very similar to GEM/2; most of its improvements related to functions such as Bezier curve drawing and font support.

[GEM/3 about box]
The GEM/3 "about" box. The top half of it is used as the splash screen.

[GEM/3 Desktop]

The desktop and accessories are practically identical to the GEM/2 ones, at least in appearance.

[GEM/3 Preferences]

There are a few new preferences, though: the date and time format can be changed, and you get the option of clicking to drop down a menu (rather than the menu appearing as soon as you hover the mouse over the title, as in previous GEM versions).

[GEM/3 Output]
The Output application in GEM/3 has been redesigned with support for multiple paper sizes, paper trays and other improvements.

John Elliott