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ViewMAX/1 screenshots

ViewMAX/1 is the file manager for DRDOS 5. It runs on what is very nearly a full version of GEM; there are a few differences, such as the screen font (based on the DOS character set, rather than the GEM one, and looking all the better for it) and a few applications won't run.

The video driver and mouse type are specified as command-line arguments when ViewMAX is being started.

[ViewMAX/1 about box]
The ViewMAX/1 "about" box, which is also displayed as a splash screen (though without its "OK" button). ViewMAX draws a dotted rectangle round the currently focused control.

Keyboard shortcuts are now supported using the underlined letters in menus and on buttons.

[ViewMAX/1 desktop]
The desktop is very similar to the GEM/2 and GEM/3 desktops. However, there is now a status bar just under the titlebar, and titlebar shading is back - a comment in the source code implies that if Ventura could get away with it, so could Digital Research.

Disc drives are automatically detected and their names are generated by the Desktop.

[ViewMAX/2 tree view]
The tree view takes over one of the two windows when it is requested; when a branch is double-clicked, the normal display for that folder is shown.

If the tree view is requested on a big hard drive, ViewMAX has an unfortunate tendency to crash.

"Network drives" now have their own icon. In this case, the drive is a CDROM drive.

John Elliott