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Historical GEM Driver Source

The following files are reconstructed source for original GEM drivers. They're included mainly for historical interest rather than use; they won't have as many features as the latest FreeGEM drivers.

I created these by starting with the released GEM/3.0 driver source and successively building earlier (GEM/2.2, GEM/2.1, GEM/2.0 etc) and later (ViewMAX/1, ViewMAX/2, GEM/4 etc.) versions. Note that because I started with GEM/3 and travelled back in time, the number of drivers increases the older the version gets - the GEM/2.1 driver pack has GEM/2.1 versions of all the drivers in later versions plus any unique to GEM/2.1, and so on.

Exceptions: Some GEM/2 drivers didn't make the jump back to GEM/1, so the number decreases there; the only GEM/4.0 drivers are the seven originally distributed with CCP's Artline II; and the solitary GEM/5.0 driver is the VGA one.

Version Driver count Download
GEM/1.1 14 Source code (273k).
2 Source code (146k) for the two drivers supplied with the BBC Master 512
GEM/1.2 17 Source code (390k).
4 Source code (280k) for the drivers supplied with the Apricot F1 and FP
5 Source code and binaries (295k) for updated versions of the Apricot drivers, with various rendering bugs fixed and support for 256-line video modes.
GEM/1.? 13 Source code (299k).
GEM/2.0 17 Source code (398k).
GEM/2.1 16 Source code (355k).
GEM/2.2 14 Source code (359k).
GEM/3.1 10 Source code (344k).
ViewMAX/1 3 Source code (278k).
ViewMAX/2 3 Source code (316k).
ViewMAX/2 (DRDOS 6.0/V) 3 Source code (133k).
GEM/4 (ie, Artline II) 7 Source code (349k).
GEM/5 1 Source code (118k).

John Elliott 2008-01-18