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JSW64 version 0.01 Hacklevel 11a

Updated 9 July 2005: The DOS installer had a problem where spurious guardians were being added to the Central Cavern, making it unsolvable; this did not affect the Linux installer. The bug has been corrected.

JSW64 is a development of the Jet Set Willy 128 idea, but it uses the extra memory of the 128k Spectrums in a different way. Where JSW128 can have up to 256 simple rooms, JSW64 can have 64 or 128 rather more sophisticated rooms.

As with JSW128, the actual game is just a demonstration of the features of the game engine - the JSW house with a few rooms redefined here and there.

JSW64 is supplied as an installer program which is not complete in itself. You must combine it with copies of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy (which I am not providing) to make a working game. For full details of how to do this, see INSTALL.txt within the zipfile.

[Zip] Click here to download the installer (162k). It has been tested under DRDOS and Linux; it should also work under Windows and maybe MacOS X as well.

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John Elliott 18-4-2005