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JSWED v2.2.9 and v2.3.7

JSWED is a PC-hosted Jet Set Willy editor. It supports editing the following game engines:

Versions of JSWED exist for Win32 (Windows 95/98/ME, NT/2000) and for Linux with SDL. The Linux version also compiles and runs on BeOS and MacOS X.

JSWED is Free Software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (sic).

Download: Latest Stable Version

(3 Jan 2012: The original JSWED 2.2.9 installer was built with InstallShield and did not work on 64-bit systems. The installer has now been replaced with a 32-bit installer created by NSIS, which should.)

Download: Latest Unstable Version

Note that if you redistribute the Windows files, you must include the source files in the distribution.

This version of JSWED does not come with sample data. It should be able to import .TAP files of any JSW128 game, .SNA files of nearly all JSW48 games, and .Z80 files of either. The unstable version should also be able to import snapshots of Jet Set Willy II and Manic Miner 128k.

Change history

The Competition (PC hosted)

The Competition (Spectrum hosted)

All known Spectrum-hosted JSW editors can be found at These include:

John Elliott 24 January 2012.