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Amstrad CP/M Font Redefinition

Font Redefinition Tools

Software and articles relevant to redefining the screen or printer font under CP/M on the CPC, PCW or Spectrum +3.


The individual articles each hold their own font collections, but here are some that don't fit so well with any particular article.

Default CP/M font
Cliff Lawson's sans-serif font from REDEFINE.RSX
  • LAWSON.COM: Self-loading font for PCW, CPC, Spectrum +3 and PcW16
  • LAWSON.PSF: Modified font in PSF format
Modified sans-serif font from NEWCHARS.COM
GSANS sans-serif font (based on these codepages for DOS)
TSANS sans-serif font (based on these codepages for DOS)

John Elliott 2020-12-15