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FreeGEM (2005-)

Recent changes to FreeGEM have included:

[FreeGEM about box]
The system font is now loaded from a CPI file (as in ViewMAX/2). This has several advantages: Firstly, the new font looks better. Secondly, GEM now honours the system codepage, so accented characters will display properly.

[FreeGEM desktop]
The Desktop now incorporates the file viewer from ViewMAX/2, allowing files to be read without launching a separate program. As in ViewMAX/2, it can display text or binary files.

[FreeGEM preferences]
The Desktop now auto-detects attached drives (unless told not to).

[FreeGEM desktop]
PALETTE.ACC has been used in this screenshot to select colours other than the standard VGA range (in this case, a blue-tinted version of the GEM/5 colour scheme). The thin version of the font can be downloaded from my CPI page.

[OpenGEM desktop]
OpenGEM is the most recent distribution of FreeGEM. This screenshot shows its default colour scheme and redesigned icons.

[FreeGEM/XM desktop]
This is close to the current state of play with FreeGEM/XM, the attempt to build something usable from the GEM/XM beta. It doesn't have most of the visual improvements that have been incorporated into FreeGEM proper, but the latest Desktop runs OK.

I say 'close to' because in the latest beta the option to click to drop down menus would not be greyed out.

[FreeGEM in 1024x768x256]
The FreeGEM driver pack contains a driver that supports the VESA 1024x768 mode in 256 colours.

[FreeGEM in 320x200x256]
Or if your screen isn't quite up to that, 320x200 in 256 colours (I've doubled the width and height of this screenshot to give an idea of scale.)

John Elliott